Iced Out Pendants

Iced out pendants play an important part in urban bling jewelry. With their sleek, icy designs and bold themes, hip-hop pendants are an essential centerpiece to any outfit. As a staple in hip-hop jewelry, celebrity rappers and hip-hop artists like Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and more rep these fresh chains. At Gemstone Gods, we provide our customers with iced out, hip-hop pendants that are made from some of the best, high-quality materials and unbeatable craftsmanship. To appeal to all of our customer’s unique styles, we feature everything from religious pendants to famous characters and more. It’s with impeccable attention to detail, fresh designs, and cutting-edge technology that Gemstone Gods is able to throw some of the hottest iced out pendants out on the market.

The Hottest Collection of Hip-Hop Pendants

At Gemstone Gods, it’s our goal to ensure that our clients are amplifying their urban street style with our line of hip-hop pendants. For our high rollers with money on their mind, have the 18K GP Iced Out American Express Black Card. This unique pendant is blinged out with black CZ diamonds and screams money. Gemstone Gods also carries the 18K GP Grind Daily Iced Out Necklace for customers who make money and work hard. Stay fresh and humble with this hot, iced out pendant. Or, you can throw it back to the days of Cartoon Network and Comedy Central with our Dexter's Laboratory, Kid Goku, and Stewie 18K Gold Plated Pendants. For each of our pendants, you can select your preferred chain length--18”, 20”, and 24”--and, if applicable, your desired pendant color. Whether you’re out at the club, chillin’ at home, or working the 9-5 grind, make sure you’re repping one of Gemstone Gods’ hip-hop pendants. Before making a purchase, be sure you check out our size chart to help guide your decision in the chain length for your new iced out pendant. Order your iced out pendant today, and let our quality craftsmanship speak for itself.

Amp up your wheelin’ and dealin’ with style by repping your fresh, hip-hop pendant. Shop our extensive collection today and find that pendant that speaks to your priorities.